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CityCampus LLC is a real estate development entity that has recently acquired the historic former Coca-Cola Bottling Company works in the City of Charlottesville. The Coca-Cola Bottling works was built in 1939 and is a prime example of industrial Art Deco design. The building is located on about two acres at 722 Preston Avenue, an entry corridor for the city, located within ten minutes walk from Downtown Charlottesville.
CityCampus LLC intends to develop the site as the CityCampus Biotechnology Center. The aim is to provide wet laboratory space, office and associated facilities for small to medium sized biotechnology companies in Central Virginia and beyond. The central Virginia area is home to 35-40 biotech, biopharma, medical device and life sciences companies. However, there is an acute shortage of wet lab space for start up companies or growing biotech companies that need to expand. 
The lead tenant of the new facility will be Indoor Biotechnologies Inc, which manufactures immunoassay tests kits for measuring allergens, as well as purified allergens for research and diagnostic use (  

CityCampus LLC intends to apply to have the Coca-Cola building placed on the National Register of Historic Places and to apply for tax credits to offset the re-development costs. CityCampus is actively seeking investors with experience in the development of biotechnology space to participate in this project. 
CityCampus LLC is firmly comitted to the preservation and improvement of this historic property. When the building was opened in 1939, it was the BIG building in Charlottesville. The building was designed so that the public could see Coca-cola being bottled through large glass windows (approx 20 feet wide) in the walls of the property. The windows were bricked over some 20-30 years ago, when bottling functions ceased. The building has served as a warehouse since and comprises ~37,000 sq ft of space. For further information see Historic Preservation
Our aim is to re-fit the windows into the building as part of the laboratory space so that the public can see biotechnology products, medicines, vaccines and new therapies being ‘bottled’ in the building – “Biotech in a Bottle”. 
We also seek to open up the building to the community and to develop some of the space for arts, performance, exhibits and conferences.